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                Laser writer
                Laser engraving technology
                Scanning distance:0.65mm
                Scanning mode:Raster
                Accuracy: 5nm
                E-Beam writer
                Electronic beam engraving technology
                Scanning distance:depending on the beam spot
                Scanning mode:Raster & Vector
                Accuracy:depending on the beam spot (approx. 25nm)

                *  WUXI CHINA RESOURCES MICROELECTRONICS CO.,LTD MASK FACTORY has developed electronic beam and laser processing technologies and boasts the most advanced UV exposure machine.


                WUXI CHINA RESOURCES MICROELECTRONICS CO.,LTD MASK FACTORY(CRMF)is one of the earliest professional enterprises engaged in the production of mask. It owns domestically leading and comprehensive photomask manufacturing equipment, world-class facilities, excellent processes and technologies, strict quality control and information security protection. Persisting in its concept and pursuit of “Creating the value for customers and growing with customers”, CR Micro Mask has been the preferred partner of many IC design companies and wafer manufacturers in China.  

                0.18um Stepper mask or bigger
                3”x5”UT mask
                1:1 Array mask
                Copy photomask
                Professional customer service
                Remote data check
                Notification of engraving schedule
                Data generation and format conversion