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                Products and Applications
                HUAJING Product and Application

                The corporation's main

                 business content is 

                power semiconductor 


                The products mainly 

                include bipolar trans

                istors, MOS-type field-

                effect transistors and 

                diodes, which are wi

                dely used in electron

                ic lighting, green 

                power supplies, auto

                motive electronics 

                and other fields.

                 Bipolar transistors






                It is divided into three series

                ,low pressure, atmospheric 

                pressure and high pressure

                , and it covers more than 15

                varieties that can be mainly 

                used in electronic energy-sa

                ving lamps, electronic ballasts

                , electronic transformers, 

                computer power supplies, 

                chargers, adapters, and TV;


                MOS- type field- effect


                It includes following three 

                series: below 200V series, 

                400-500V series and 600V 

                series, covering more than 

                80 varieties that are widely 

                used in electric vehicle char

                gers, electric vehicle contro

                llers,electronic ballasts,com

                puter power supplies, batte

                ry chargers , adapters and 



                Diodes contain the Schottky diodes, fast recovery diodes

                and constant current diodes, which are mainly used in computer power supplies, 

                chargers, adapters, LED and