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                • 25 2019-06

                  China Resources Group, Mitsui & Co. and Hopu Investments hold cooperation agreement signing ceremony

                  On June 25, CR Healthcare, Mitsui & Co., Ltd and Hopu Investments held the signing ceremony of the CMH Heath Fund cooperative agreement at China Resources Building in Hong Kong. China Resources’ Chairman Fu Yuning and General Manager Wang Xiangming, Mitsui’s Representative Director Tatsuo Yasun...更多

                • 26 2019-04

                  Chairman Fu Yuning Attended Belt and Road CEO Conference and Researched on the Beijing Projects

                  On April 24-25, the Chairman of China Resources Group, Dr. Fu Yuning attended the Belt and Road CEO Conference upon invitation in Beijing. The large-scale and high-profile Conference was held for the first time by the Belt and Road Forum for international cooperation, attracting nearly 900 repres...更多

                • 11 2019-04

                  CRG invested in the Launch of the St. Regis Hong Kong

                  On the morning of April 11, a ceremony was held to mark the opening of the St. Regis Hong Kong, invested and built by China Resources Group (CRG). The ceremony was attended by over 100 guests including CRG leaders such as Chairman Dr. Fu Yuning and General Manager Mr. Wang Xiangming, the manageme...更多

                • 08 2019-03

                  First entrepreneurial training program launched in the Greater Bay Area

                  China Resources Groups' Pacific Coffee and Hong Kong College of Technology (HKCT) jointly launched the “Beyond Dreams – First Entrepreneurial Training program of Pacific Coffee x HKCT @ the Greater Bay Area” on March 8th, 2019. The program is intended to help Hong Kong young people who are int...更多

                • 05 2019-03

                  Chairman Fu heads delegation to Europe for business visit and research

                  Group Chairman Fu Yuning led a delegation to the Netherlands, Spain and Denmark for a business visit from February 23 to March 3, 2019. During the visit, the delegation researched world leading pension institutions such as Buurtzorg Nederland, as well as food and beverage companies including Hein...更多

                • 30 2019-01

                  CR Group and CP Group jointly launched Life Sciences Fund

                  A ceremony was held to mark the signing of an agreement between China Resources Group (CRG) and Charoen Pokphand Group (CP Group) to jointly launch the Life Sciences Fund on January 28, 2019. The Fund will be directed to innovative health-related technological products or services, including diag...更多

                • 06 2018-12

                  Chairman Fu meets with Mizuho Bank President Fujiwara Koji and delegation

                  China Resources Group (CRG) Chairman Fu Yuning met with a delegation headed by Fujiwara Koji, President of Mizuho Bank and President of Japanese Bankers Association in Hong Kong on December 3, 2018. The two sides held in-depth exchanges and friendly talks on hot economic spots in both countries a...更多

                • 27 2018-11

                  Chairman Fu meets with Coca-Cola’s Global President and COO James Quincey

                  Chairman Fu Yuning held talks with visiting Coca-Cola’s Global President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) James Quincey at the Shenzhen headquarters of China Resources Group on the noon of November 26, 2018.更多

                • 08 2018-11

                  Chairman Fu visits Japan

                  Group Chairman Fu Yuning headed a delegation to visit Japan from October 29th to November 2, 2018. During the visit, Fu investigated some projects, visited business partners, and listened to observations from the Japanese side on both international economic situation and Japanese economic trends....更多

                • 08 2018-09

                  CR Group Holds its First "Open Day" Activities

                  On September 8, 2018,China Resources Group (CR Group) launched its open day activities at the Xiaojingwan Campus of the China Resources University in Huizhou. Group leaders Fu Yuning, Ma Lu and Shan Jijing attended the event, along with nearly 200 employees and their family members, media repres...更多